True Youthful Tickling Story (M/F)
by reflexology414

This incident took place in my grandmother's basement when I was about 16.  It was a muggy, sunny summer day, and probably about 90 degrees.  My cousin Kate and I were alone at my grandmother's house. The rest of the family had left town to attend a funeral (the person who died was someone Kate and I had never met, so our parents let us stay behind).  We were told that we'd be on our own for at least five hours.

Kate and I had been hanging out and playing together since we were small children.  She only lived an hour away, so we saw each other often over the years. Kate used to be a regular victim of my foot tickling and foot fetish attacks when we were younger, and many of those incidents took place in my grandmother's house.

At the time of this story, Kate had blossomed into a very fit, attractive, 16 year old.  She bore a striking resemblance to actress Vanessa Marcil, and she had a very free-spirited demeanor with an incredible sense of humor.  Kate had already entered the world of dating, and much of her outlandish humor reflected her sexuality (something which drove her parents crazy).  The bottom line is that Kate was very sweet, open-minded, and not easily phased by issues of physical attraction.

Over the years, Kate and I had grown closer and closer.  Truthfully, she was more like a sister and best friend than a cousin.  For purposes of clarification, I NEVER had any incestuous thoughts about Kate.  However, there was the issue of Kate’s feet.  I sometimes think God must have decided to play a cruel joke on me by attaching the most beautiful pair of female feet ever designed to MY cousin’s body.  It just wasn’t fair.

Kate's ankles had this remarkably graceful curve, as did her beautiful arches.  She had long, elegant toes with a slight curvature and absolutely flawless nails which she always kept painted in the summer.  The soles of Kate’s feet were adorably wrinkled, softer than velvet, and excruciatingly ticklish.  Cousin or not, I could never help but notice Kate's beautiful feet, and that had become a source of inner conflict for me.

During my teens, I began to experience feelings of tremendous guilt about the fact that I was so drawn to Kate’s feet.  Kate was the centerpiece of my family, I absolutely adored her, and I had no desires of any kind to pursue a sexual relationship with her.  Nonetheless, the sight of Kate’s bare feet or the thought of tickling them never failed to make my heart pound.  I was really struggling with these feelings, and it had truly become a burden for me.

Going back to the original story, Kate and I sat in my grandmother's kitchen for a while and made conversation.  The whole subject of death and the funeral had us talking about family and the past.  Repeatedly, Kate brought up memories of childhood and family occasions spent at our grandmother’s house.

After talking for a while, we decided to watch television.  There was nothing on TV (these were the days before cable), and we both agreed that it was too hot to do much outside.  Grandmother's house was getting hot as well (it didn't have air conditioning), and the only cool place was the basement.  That essentially made our decision for us, and we headed downstairs.

One very important piece of background about my cousin Kate... she was completely squeamish about spiders.  My grandmother's basement was full of classic daddy-longleg spiders that hung from the ceiling and in the corners of the various rooms.  There was only one bug-free room in the entire basement, and that's the room where we used to play as children.  It was an old office my grandfather had built years ago.  That room had heavy insulation, weather stripping around the doors, and it was almost like a vacuum in there. The spiders and other insects never found their way inside.  That was our destination.

When we reached the bottom of the stairs, Kate did what she used to do when we were kids.  She leaped from the stairs onto my back, buried her face between my shoulders, and urged me to carry her to the office so she wouldn't have to deal with the spiders.  I complied by rushing her through the basement to the "safety" of my grandfather's old office.  Once we were there, Kate climbed off and thanked me for the ride.

We had just gotten settled in the office when Kate realized that she was completely soaked with sweat (she never did have a tolerance for heat).  She needed a change of clothes, but they were in the laundry room... one of the rooms which had spiders in it.  There was no way Kate would go get those clothes herself.

"Would you save my life by going to the laundry room and getting my clothes out of the dryer?" Kate asked with a tone of squeamishness in her voice.

"Sure," I replied.  The spiders didn’t bother me, and I really didn’t mind.

As I walked to the laundry room, I couldn’t help but think of all the fun I'd had with Kate’s feet in our grandmother's basement when we were kids.  Some of my first foot tickling and foot fetish experiences had taken place here.  I suddenly found myself thinking about how fun it would be to tickle Kate again, but I wasn't sure how to orchestrate it.  We were much older now, I was deeply conflicted about my feelings for my cousin’s feet, and I didn’t want to do anything that Kate would find creepy.

I arrived in the laundry room, found a clean laundry basket, and scooped Kate's clothes out of the dryer.  I also grabbed a clean towel for Kate to dry off with. There were some spiders and spider webs in the room, but nothing that troubled me.  For a few moments, I just stood there in the laundry room, unable to stop thinking about Kate’s feet.

After I collected my thoughts, I walked back to the office with Kate's clothes.  She immediately thanked me and began to riffle through the basket looking for a new outfit.  Kate chose a pair of cute tennis shorts and a white t-shirt.  There was an old office divider in the corner, and Kate decided to go behind that to change her clothes.  That's when the moment of opportunity presented itself.

Before stepping behind the office divider, Kate removed her shoes and socks.  I snatched them up as quickly and quietly as possible.  Then, I found an old box of large, zip-lock freezer bags, and used one to seal up Kate's shoes and socks to make sure that a dreaded spider wouldn't get into them. I hid the bag above one of the ceiling tiles (I was the only person who knew the tile could be removed -- I had knocked it out years ago while tossing a basketball in the office).

Eventually, Kate came out from behind the screen.  She was a bit puzzled by the fact that she couldn't find her shoes and socks.  By this time, I was sitting very innocently on the couch.  Kate came over, sat next to me, and kept looking around trying to figure out where her shoes and socks could be.

"I must be losing my mind,” Kate said in a very puzzled voice.  “I could swear that I left my shoes and socks right over there."

"Gee, that's odd," I responded, trying not to sound guilty.

I think Kate was starting to catch on, because she stared at me with this very inquisitive look on her face.

"You took them didn't you?" Kate asked while making direct eye contact.

"Who... me?" I replied in the most innocent tone I cold muster.

I tried to sound as innocent as possible, but Kate wasn't buying it.  She wasn't at all angry, but she didn’t buy my innocence routine either.

"Well, you and I are the only ones here,” Kate said as she explained her reasoning.  “I KNOW that I put my shoes and socks right next to the screen before I changed my clothes, and when I came out a few minutes later, they were gone."

I didn't say a word, but I suspect I must have had a guilty look on my face because Kate was looking at me very intently with a growing smile on her face.

"You know, I would have to say you are the prime suspect in this theft," Kate said

"Why would you say that?" I asked.

"Well, the whole business with the funeral has had me taking a walk down memory lane for this past few days,” Kate replied. “I can remember all of the times we used to play down here as kids."

"Yeah,” I answered. “We sure had fun together back then.”

"Oh yes, like all of the times when we would come down here and you would insist on playing foot doctor,” Kate said with a very coy smile on her face. “I would have to sit on the desk, take off my shoes and socks, and let you tickle my feet while you pretended to be a podiatrist."

My heart was beating a little faster and I was feeling somewhat embarrassed.

"You really used to throw yourself into that,” Kate said as she continued to look at me and smile. “As I recall, you even had a clipboard with forms I had to fill out.  It was almost like a real medical appointment.  We must have done that dozens of times."

As Kate continued to recount our childhood games, I started to blush.  I could feel my face getting red.

"Then there were the school projects,” Kate said in a highly amused tone. “You'd tell me you were doing an art project for school and needed to trace my feet.  I would stand barefoot on your sketchpad as you tickled and traced my feet over and over again with every crayon in the box.  It always did strike me as strange that your teachers kept giving you assignments which called for tracing someone’s bare feet."

At this point, Kate leaned in and placed her chin on my shoulder so she could whisper in my ear.

"Years later, I asked your mom about that,” Kate said in a very quiet, mischievous voice.  “I know there wasn't a school project."

My face was probably a nice deep purple at this moment, and I couldn't have stopped blushing if my life depended on it.  Kate was enjoying the opportunity to make me squirm.

"Come to think of it, just about every time I came to visit or play, I would end up sitting barefoot while you played with my feet,” Kate said as her smile continued to grow. “Do you see a pattern emerging here?"

Kate seemed to be looking right through me as she watched my reactions to her commentary.  I still had no idea what I was going to say, so I sat there in silence.

"Now we're sitting alone together in the same room where so many of these truly wonderful childhood moments took place,” Kate said.  “Just like old times, my shoes and socks have vanished and I'm sitting here barefoot.  I don't suppose there's anything you'd like to share with me.”

Truthfully, I didn’t know what to do next. When I devised this whole plan, I never dreamed that Kate would figure things out so quickly.  It had only taken her two minutes to discover her shoes and socks missing, realize that I was responsible, and confront me.  Now, I was sitting there quietly blushing like an idiot, and I had no idea how to respond.

While awaiting my answer to her question, Kate moved in a little closer, made direct eye contact, and continued smiling at me.  The process of interrogating me about all of this was proving to be great fun for her.  Unfortunately, it had started to make me feel very uncomfortable.

Even though it was my idea to initiate this encounter, my feelings of guilt suddenly began to surface again quite strongly.  Kate was my cousin, and it was troubling me that I was so attracted to her feet.  I was actually feeling a little sick about taking Kate’s shoes and socks.  Just a few days earlier, I watched a talk show segment about incest, and I was beginning to wonder if I was really any better than those creepy guys who spoke about their desire to have sex with their relatives.

As these awful thoughts were racing through my mind, I could feel all of the color leaving my face, and I’m sure that my facial expression must have changed.  Kate picked up on the fact that I was upset, and her tone immediately changed.  She was very kind and reassuring, and insisted that I tell her what was wrong.

After several minutes of trying to find the courage to speak, I told Kate the truth about the motivation behind taking her shoes and socks, and I opened up about the horrible feelings of guilt that were haunting me.  I also told Kate how I’d privately been comparing myself to the guys on the talk show about incest.

When I finally finished speaking, I sat nervously awaiting Kate’s response.  I was certain that Kate would be appalled, and I feared that our lifelong relationship would be irreparably damaged.  As it turned out, I was wrong.  Kate threw her arms around me and hugged me so hard that I thought she would break my ribs.  Then, she responded in a very reassuring tone of voice.

"Over the years, you've been more like a brother than a cousin,” Kate said in a very soothing tone of voice.  “In all of that time, you have NEVER, I repeat, NEVER made me feel like there was anything incestuous or wrong going on between us.  It kills me that you’ve been walking around feeling so guilty this whole time.  I don’t want you to feel that way anymore.”

For about the next ten minutes, Kate hugged me and reassured me that she wasn’t angry.  If anything, she was hurt by the fact that I had been walking around feeling guilty and conflicted for so long.  Kate then tried to lighten the mood in the room by telling a few of her off color jokes laced with sexual innuendo.  We both laughed, and I felt a tremendous sense of relief come over me as Kate decided to resume our conversation.

“I should probably make a confession too,” Kate said.  “I have always known that you like my feet and you also love tickling me."

"Really?" I asked with a genuinely surprised tone.

"Between the so-called school projects, games of foot doctor, and all of the other clues, it would have been impossible not to notice."

We both just laughed for a few minutes.  Kate could tell that I was feeling much better, and she decided it was okay to return our conversation to the original topic.

"So, now that we've shared this Hallmark moment, would you care to return my shoes and socks?"

Kate was smiling, and her voice was tainted with a hint of sarcasm. That, coupled with Kate’s repeated reassurances that I hadn’t freaked her out, made me feel comfortable enough to pursue my original objective.

"Not just yet,” I said with a devilish smile on my face. “Like you, the funeral and everything that has happened this week... it's been making me think about the past.  Earlier today, I was thinking about all of the times we used to play down here as kids.  Since we’re going to be stuck here hanging out all day I thought..."

Before I could even finish my sentence, Kate jumped up and sat down again with her feet underneath her.  Her eyes got really big, and she was smiling.  The mood in the room immediately became quite playful.

"Not a chance!"  Kate exclaimed as she retreated.

"What?" I smiled as innocently as possible.

"You are NOT tickling my feet you little foot monster," Kate replied while giggling.

"Just a little tickle for old time's sake?" I asked.

I emphasized my question by wiggling my fingers at Kate, and we both laughed.

"NO!” Kate emphatically replied while smiling.

"You used to like it as a kid," I argued.

"NO I didn't,” Kate said.  “It was torture.  I played along because I absolutely adored you, and I could tell it was your favorite thing on this earth.  The only reason I smiled and laughed was because it tickled horrendously, not because it was fun."

"You didn't even enjoy it a little?" I asked innocently.

"Well, it was fun watching the insane lengths you would go to and the creative scenarios you would invent to make it happen... that part I do remember fondly,” Kate responded. “But it is NOT happening again!"

"Well, I wish you luck then," I said with a smirk.

Kate had a really confused look on her face.

"What are you talking about?" Kate asked.

"Well, you are sitting there, barefoot, in a basement full of big, creepy, juicy spiders,” I said with a growing smile making its way across my face. “And as I recall, you needed me to carry you down here because you couldn't handle the sight of the little critters."

Kate shivered as I described the spiders.  Then she tried to pretend like none of this bothered her.

"I don't mind,” Kate replied in the most confident voice she could muster. “This room is perfectly safe... no bugs in here.  I'll just stay put until our parents come home, and they'll get me out of here."

"Really, it would bother me to know that you spent your entire afternoon cooped up in here just waiting for our family to return,” I said in a sarcastic tone. “The way they get talking at weddings and funerals, we might not see them for another nine hours."

"Well, considering my current circumstances, there is nothing which could make me leave this room," Kate said.

Very slowly, I started walking toward the couch.  I must have had an obvious look of mischief on my face because Kate's eyes got really big and she curled up into a very tight ball on the couch.

"You and your foot fetish stay away from me," Kate said while giggling.

Kate was playfully protesting, and it was clear that she wasn’t afraid.   Her voice had a very bubbly tone to it.

"Is there any chance you'll change your mind?" I asked quietly.

"No way!" Kate shouted.

On that note, I rushed over and grabbed Kate.  Despite her struggles, I was able to lift her over my shoulder almost effortlessly.  Then I rushed her out the door into the heart of the basement, and I stopped.  For the next few minutes, I just stood there with Kate slung over my shoulder.

"Kate, I feel obligated to point out that we are now standing in the middle of an old, musty basement room just filled with great big scary spiders," I said in a teasing tone.

"Get me out of here!" Kate shouted.

"Hmmm… can we come to an arrangement Kate?" I asked.

"No!" Kate responded while still smiling broadly.

"I think we should make use of our time by doing some of grandmother's laundry for her," I said in a very bubbly voice.

I rushed Kate into the laundry room, and set her down on the dryer.  She immediately looked around at all of the spiders and spider webs and got shivers down her spine.

"Are you sure we can't work something out?" I asked while flashing Kate a mischievous smile.

"No way," Kate replied while smiling back at me. "Now get me out of here."

"Okay,” I responded calmly. “I'm going upstairs to fold laundry for an hour.  I'll be back."

"There is no way you are leaving me down here with these spiders everywhere," Kate said in a demanding tone.

I didn't answer.  Instead, I turned out the master light switch, and the entire basement went dark. Then, I started walking up the stairs.  I didn't make it even halfway up the stairs before Kate called out to me.

"You know how I feel about spiders,” Kate whined. “Please get me out of here."

I paused for a moment and didn't answer.  Kate cried out again with just a little bit more anxiety in her voice.  That was my cue to respond. Kate was my favorite cousin, and I wasn't really going to leave her down there like that.

I rushed back to the laundry room, turned on the light, and found Kate sitting on the dryer with her feet underneath her.  I walked over and stood with my nose just inches from hers.  I didn't speak… I just smiled. Kate was cringing at all of the spiders in the room, but she mustered a smile and spoke in a pleading voice.

"Come know I hate spiders,” Kate said in a pleading tone. “Get me out of here."

Kate reached out to try and climb onto my shoulders.  She wanted me to carry her out of the laundry room.  I just smiled and pushed her away.

"Nope," I replied.

"You're really serious aren't you?"  Kate asked.

"Uh huh," I replied with a playful tone in my voice.

"You can't have my feet," Kate shot back in mock protest.

Just then, a large daddy-longlegs spider lowered itself from the ceiling about three feet away from us.  Kate's eyes nearly popped out of her head, and she leaped onto my shoulders quite awkwardly.  I'm sure it must have looked quite funny because she nearly knocked me over.

"It's a deal,” Kate cried out. “You can play with my feet.  Just get me away from these spiders."

I stepped toward the door so Kate wouldn't be quite so close to the dangling spider.  Then I stopped.

"Great, but let's clarify things,” I said.  “What is it you're agreeing to?"

"I just told you," Kate replied, eager to leave the room.

"I want specifics,” I said.  “I know you.  You'll try to wiggle out of this if I don't nail down the terms."

Kate genuinely wanted out of that room.  However, she wasn't the slightest bit angry with me.  In fact, I could tell that she was relieved to see me being so playful, especially after hearing how guilty I’d been feeling.

"I don't know what you want,” Kate whined.  “I said you could play with my feet."

"And?" I asked in a deep, silly tone of voice.

Kate paused, because she knew the answer I was looking for.  Once she agreed to that there would be no going back.  However, her desire to escape the now growing number of dangling spiders won out.

"Okay... I'll let you tickle my feet," Kate reluctantly replied.

"And?" I asked.

"What else is there? Kate asked with a confused tone.

Kate genuinely didn't know what I was talking about.  I had to refresh her memory.

“There’s a story I used to tell you,” I replied in the most gleeful voice I could muster.  That seemed to jog Kate's memory and she started laughing.

"Alright, alright, alright... I'll let you play "This little piggy went to market" on my toes."

"And?” I asked.

"There's more?" Kate asked.

"Hearing you talk about the games we played as kids brought back some really great memories," I said, completely unable to hide the glee in my voice.

"You can't be serious" Kate replied while giggling.

"Yes I am," I responded.

"You want to trace my feet and play foot doctor?" Kate asked.

"Yup," I answered.

Kate was not at all stressed about anything I'd said. She found my demands extremely funny, and she laughed openly.

"Fine... I'll let you trace my feet, and we can play ONE game of foot doctor,” Kate declared while pointing to the doorway of the laundry room.  “Now get me away from these spiders.  The one in the corner is the size of a suitcase."

The tension I felt just an hour earlier was gone, and Kate and I were both in very playful moods.  I was completely delighted with the outcome of our negotiations, and I rushed Kate back to the office.  She was still laughing hysterically because she found this whole thing really funny.

We were alone in the house, and Kate knew that nobody would be able to hear us (you could have hosted a rock concert in that old basement and nobody would ever hear it).  She let out a loud, completely comedic cry for help.

"Someone help me,” Kate cried out in a mock tone of distress.  “A strange young man with a foot fetish is kidnapping me."

We both laughed as we re-entered the office and I closed the door. Now that we were safe from the dreaded spiders, Kate jumped off my back.  For a moment, the two of us just stood there in silence.  Then, simultaneously, we both started laughing. Kate was now standing directly in front of me and smiling while flexing and wiggling her toes.

"I can't believe you're making me do this,” Kate said with a smile. “We haven't done anything like this since we were kids."

"That's half the fun of it," I replied.

I took Kate's hand and steered her toward an old recliner that was sitting in the corner.  She came along and sat down willingly.

"Well, which of my childhood tortures are you going to make me relive first?" Kate asked as she wiggled here bare feet in the air.

"Seriously, I don't want you to feel tortured,” I replied.

Kate assured me that she didn’t mean it literally, and she also said she was relieved to see me feeling better.  Then, she gave me the green light to continue.

With Kate watching me very intently, I raised the footrest of the chair to elevate her legs.  Then, I grabbed a pillow from the couch, propped up Kate's feet, snatched a bottle of baby oil from an old cabinet, and brought over a small stool that I could sit on.  I was now sitting with Kate's pretty feet at eye-level and just a matter of inches from my face.

"You never answered my question,” Kate smiled. “What am I in for?"

"Well, I want to start with a nice game of “This little piggy went to market,” I said while smiling back at Kate.

Once again, Kate put her hands to her face and began laughing.

"Oh my God,” Kate laughed. “I can still remember you doing that to me when we were kids.  You used to get so into the telling of the story... you sounded like Orson Wells doing a radio play!"

"And I remember how you used to laugh and wiggle your toes,” I said. “I always loved telling that story to you.  Are you ready to get started?" I asked as I began to lubricate Kate's feet with baby oil.

"As ready as I'll ever be," Kate replied.

On that note, I began telling the story in a deep, silly voice.  I started on the smallest toe of Kate's right foot.

"This little piggy went to market," I said as I smiled and tickled Kate's smallest toe.

Kate giggled quietly in response to my technique, but it obviously wasn't her most ticklish spot. As much as anything, she was giggling at me. Before continuing the story, I decided to tickle the space between Kate's smallest toe and its neighbor. That produced a much more pronounced response.

"He-he-he… that tickles there," Kate said as she scrunched and wiggled her toes.

I didn't verbally acknowledge Kate.  I just smiled, and continued telling the story.

"And this little piggy went home," I said as I continued to tell the story in the silliest voice I could muster.

Kate continued to giggle, and she had begun to squirm just slightly.  Once again, I decided to tickle the space between her toes before continuing the story.   As before, Kate reacted to my technique.

"He-he-he-he-he-he… you're tickling me," Kate said while giggling.

"That's the whole idea Kate,” I replied. “Now this little piggy had roast beef."

As I went on with the story, I continued the process of tickling a toe and then tickling the spaces between each toe.  The tickling was obviously intensifying, and Kate couldn't stop giggling.   However, when I reached the next point in the story, Kate's reaction changed.

"Kate, this little piggy had none," I said in a gleeful voice.

As I administered the tickling on this toe, Kate's eyes got big, her body lurched slightly, and she took a big gulp of air.  I honestly didn't know quite what to make of it, but I continued.

Now it was time to tickle the space between Kate's big toe and its neighbor.  For the first time, Kate was actually looking tense.  I inserted my finger into the space next to Kate's big toe, and applied a few drops of baby oil.  Then, I wiggled my finger as firmly and quickly as possible. Immediately, the entire room filled with the sounds of Kate’s shrieking laughter.


"Tickle tickle tickle Kate," I teased as Kate thrashed about wildly. "Isn't this fun?  It's just like it was when we were kids.  Cootchy cootchy coo Kate!"

Kate was screaming for me to stop, tears were gushing down her face, and I had to maintain a vice grip on her ankle to keep her from pulling away.  I stopped after about 20 seconds, but it took Kate almost a minute to regain her breath and relax enough to speak.

"You little tickle monster,” Kate said in a breathless voice. “I had forgotten how good you are at this."

"Thank you dear,” I replied. “Do you remember how the story finishes?"

I locked eyes with Kate, and I could see by the look of concern on her face that she remembered exactly how the story ended.

"Come on,” I teased. “You know how it goes.  Tell me."

Kate was breathing a little more quickly again, she was nervously wiggling her toes, and she was giggling uncontrollably. I wrapped my fingers around her big toe and prepared to finish the story.

"And this little piggy," I said as I tickled her big toe. "Went wee-wee-wee, all the way home."

For the all the way home part, I began to scribble my fingers wildly from Kate's toes to her heel. I also made several passes up and down her arch.  Kate's reaction was absolutely frantic.  She threw her head back while screaming loudly, and thrashed so hard that she almost overturned the chair.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Kate screamed loudly through hysterical laughter. "PLEE-HEE-HEE-EASE ST-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAP!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

"Tell me how it feels Kate,” I teased. "Cootchy cootchy coo!!!"


In many ways, it was just like old times.  My grandmother’s basement was once again filled with the sounds of Kate’s ticklish laughter.  I was enjoying it too much to stop just yet.

"Let me make you laugh Kate,” I said. ”Tickle tickle tickle."

I continued the tickling as Kate laughed and pleaded helplessly for me to stop. After about a minute, I stopped.  By then, Kate was a sweating, panting mess.  When she finally spoke, she was still giggling.

"Hee hee hee hee hee...I'd forgotten how badly that tickles,” Kate managed as she struggled to catch her breath.  “God, my feet are soooooooo ticklish! I really don’t mind letting you do this, but please be gentle!"

"My goodness Kate,” I said with a huge smile on my face.  “We haven't even played foot doctor yet and you're already at your breaking point."

Kate shook her head and began laughing at the thought of actually playing foot doctor. I allowed her a few minutes to compose herself before continuing.  The tickling had really taken a toll on Kate, and I didn't want her getting too stressed out. For the better part of five minutes, I gently caressed Kate's feet while we talked.  This gave her a chance to recover, and I decided it was time to move on.

"Well Kate,” I said in a bubbly voice. “Now it's time to play piggies on the other foot."

Kate's eyes became very large, and she looked slightly worried.  She made no attempt to get out of our deal, but she did plead for a gentler touch.

"I know that you're really loving this, but please be gentle,” Kate pleaded. “When you do it too hard it’s really torture for me.”

Kate was being serious.  The previous tickling was just too intense for her to handle.

"You have been really wonderful to me today,” I said. “I'll try to dial back the intensity just a bit."

Kate smiled back at me, and she was ready to play along again.  Just as I had done with her right foot, I began the whole saga of "piggies" on Kate's left foot.  I delivered the story with a much less sinister tone in my voice.  That really seemed to help Kate relax.

"Kate," I said in a very sweet voice. "This little piggy went to market, and this little piggy went home, this little piggy had roast beef, and this little piggy had none..."

This first part went well.  Kate's toes were only mildly ticklish, and she was handling my techniques quite well. Then it was time for the all the way home part.  I could see Kate's face tightening, and I decided to try and ease her fears a bit.

"Kate, it's okay,” I reassured her. “Try to relax. I'll do this foot a bit differently and try not to make the entire process so intense.”

"Thanks,” Kate replied with a sigh.

Upon hearing that I'd be gentler, Kate calmed down a bit, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath.

"And this little piggy" I said as I tickled her big toe. "Went wee-wee-wee, all the way home."

I delivered that final line of the story with a very warm, affectionate voice.  Unlike last time, I used a gentle technique.  Starting at the balls of Kate's left foot, I lazily traced my fingernails in circular patterns from left to right.  This was working very well, and Kate had begun to flex her foot and wiggle her toes.

"He-he-he-he-he-he...hohoho-hahaha... that part tickles!" she said.

"I know honey,” I said in a gentle voice. “Tickle tickle tickle!”

I was delighted to see Kate's reaction.  She had relaxed and was allowing herself to respond to the tickling freely.   I didn’t want to risk upsetting the balance at this point, so I continued gently tickling the balls of Kate’s feet while she giggled and wiggled her toes.

"You are doing so great," I said in a reassuring voice. "Just let me make you laugh.  Don’t try to hold back the giggles.  Tickle tickle tickle!"

"Haa haa haaheee hee hee heeeee heeeeeee haa haa haa! Haa haa haa hee hee heeeee heeeeeeehaaheee hee hee heeeee heeeeeee haaheee hee hee heeeee heeeeeee!," Kate giggled.

It was obvious that Kate was now comfortable with the tickling, so I decided to move on. I began to lightly scribble my fingers up and down Kate's arch, and across the sole of her foot. Before long, Kate was squirming, flexing her foot, and laughing with a bit more intensity again.

"Hoo hahahahahaha...EEEEEEEK... be careful of my arch... hee-hee-hee... HHHHHHAHHHHHH!!!" Kate laughed while continuing to squirm in the recliner.

It was obvious that there were some ticklish spots in Kate's arch.  I decided to explore them a bit further.

"Gee Kate, it seems like you're really ticklish on your arch," I said with a bit of a mischievous tone.

"Haa haa haaheee hee hee heeeee... yes...HA-HAAAAAA!" Kate replied through her laughter.

"Let's just take a closer look at that arch and see what we find," I said.

I continued to drag my fingernails up and down Kate's arch, from the balls of her foot back down toward her heel. Along the way, I successfully located and zeroed in on three ticklish spots in Kate’s arch.  Kate was really squirming now, and her laughter had intensified again. 

I continued tickling her arch. “HEEHEEHEE!!!”

I didn't want Kate to get tense again. In the gentlest voice I could manage, I explained to her that I was going to intensify the tickling again for a few minutes.

"Kate, we’re almost done,” I said in the most reassuring voice I could muster. “I found some ticklish spots in your arch, and I’m going to apply a bit more pressure to them. It will only take a little while, and then we'll be done.  I have never been able to resist the urge to tickle talk, but don't let that scare you."

Kate was laughing too hard to really say much, but her face didn't have the desperate look that it did when I tickled her other foot.  She managed to nod in acknowledgment. I intensified the stroking of Kate's arch, and applied a single fingernail to her most ticklish spots.  The instant my fingers hit their targets, Kate began to buck and writhe wildly in the chair.


Kate was failing even more wildly now, and her screaming laughter was hurting my ears. Somehow, I managed to hang onto her ankle.  She was alternating between hysterical screaming, laughter, and desperate begging.

"Just a little bit more sweetie,” I teased. “Cootchy cootchy koo!”

I didn't want to take things too far and ruin the mood for the rest of the day, so I stopped after another ten seconds or so. Kate was panting as if she’d just run a marathon.  She was still giggling and struggling to catch her breath.  I gently caressed Kate’s feet and talked to her in a very soothing voice, attempting to help her slow her breathing and settle down.  It took her a while to recover, but she was in very good spirits and smiling. 

Without warning, Kate’s mood seemed to change.  She asked me to lower the footrest so she could get up and walk around.  I complied, but I was a bit concerned that she might be planning to back out on me. For the next several minutes, Kate walked around the room looking at the walls, furniture, and carpeting.  She just seemed to be taking it all in.  Kate's expression began to get a little serious, and that had me worried.

"Are you okay?” I asked in a concerned voice.  “You’ve got a strange look on your face."

"It just dawned on me that this room hasn't changed since we were kids,” Kate replied.  “The furniture and carpeting hasn't been changed, and aside from the occasional dusting, nothing has been moved."

"I know,” I said.  “It's all the same. Nothing has really changed."

"Maybe it's just because of that funeral, but I can't stop thinking about all of the holidays, birthdays, and weekends... not to mention my tickle-torture sessions with you... which I spent in this room," Kate said.

"Me too,” I answered.

Both of us were starting to get quite nostalgic again talking about our childhood experiences.  I joined Kate in walking around the room just soaking in the atmosphere of my grandfather's office. Several minutes passed, and Kate suddenly grabbed my arm and bolted for the closet.

"Come with me,” Kate shouted in a gleeful voice.  “I'll bet our old toys, books, and all of the stuff from the old days is still right here."

It did cross my mind that Kate might be trying to divert my attention from tickling her feet, but she was so excited about this that I couldn't refuse.  The two of us began digging through the closet looking for anything we could find from our childhood. Within a matter of minutes, Kate found some of her favorite old toys in a box.  I don't recall ever seeing her so happy.  Kate didn't quite feel I was showing the proper enthusiasm, and she encouraged me to join her in the fun.

To satisfy Kate, I decided to get into the spirit of things. I began riffling through old boxes looking for anything of interest.  After a bit of digging, I found a file box containing years of old paperwork (checkbook registers, tax forms, and health insurance papers) that had carelessly been flung into the closet.  There were also dozens of old manila folders that had been crammed into the box.  For one reason or another, I decided to leaf through the folders and see what I could find.

Over the next ten minutes, Kate and I sat side rummaging through our respective archaeological finds.  When I reached the last of the manila folders, I almost died of shock.  The tab on the folder read "Kate".  To my amazement, it was the folder I had created for Kate's appointments when we used to play foot doctor.  Somehow, it ended up being tossed into this jumbled box of files, and it had been sitting there for all of these years.

Without drawing Kate's attention to my find, I decided to leaf through the folder and see what was there.  Several pages contained tracings of Kate's feet with "medical" notations on them.  Essentially these were charts of Kate's most ticklish spots. 

The folder also contained several of the medical forms that I had typed up for Kate’s appointments (my parents gave me a typewriter at age 6, and I put it to use for the first time when I made these forms).  Most of the forms were blank, but I found a few that had writing on them.  I was fascinated to see the comments that Kate and I had written down all of those years ago when were so young.

PATIENT COMPLAINT: Having my feet tickled makes me laugh.

DOCTOR:  Patient complains of ticklish feet.  Will examine and try to diagnose.

APPOINTMENT:  Tickled patient's feet for several minutes.  Severely ticklish with laughing disorder.  Will need further treatment.

Before I could read any further, a large coat hit me on the head.  Kate had gotten up, and she was happily tossing clothes from the closet, hoping to find an old outfit that belonged to one of our relatives.  The pile of clothing on my head was growing, and I started to uncover myself. As I was beginning to see daylight again, I found another old treasure.  It was my grandfather's old white lab coat that I used to wear as a doctor costume for my games of foot doctor with Kate.

At this stage, Kate was having immeasurable fun going through this old closet.  I decided to hide the lab coat and files behind me for now.  I wanted her to stay in this incredibly good mood for as long as possible. At almost that exact moment, Kate turned around to see what I was up to.

"Did you find anything?" Kate asked.

"You first,” I responded. “What have you got?"

Kate's eyes lit up as she explained that she had found several of her favorite old toys, as well as a number of books we used to read together.  She talked for a few minutes, going on and on about her finds.  Then, her attention shifted back to me.

"Okay, now what did you find?" Kate asked enthusiastically.

I couldn't speak, and I didn't try.  Instead, I stood up and put on the lab coat.  Kate thought she recognized the coat but wasn't sure where she'd seen it.  I didn't give her any clues, and in a matter of seconds, her eyes lit up and she smiled at me.

"That's the coat you wore when we used to play foot doctor,” Kate responded with a smile.  “It fits you quite differently now. That's what threw me."

"Are you still glad we decided to search this closet?" I asked nervously.

"Of course I am," Kate answered. “Honestly, I feel like I’m regressing back to our childhood. Nobody is here, we can be as silly as we want, and I’m having fun.”

With that, Kate reached out and kicked me playfully on the leg.

"Now what else did you find?" Kate asked.

I didn't even offer a description.  I simply handed Kate the folder bearing her name.  She looked at it curiously, and then she started smiling again.

"I remember all of this stuff,” Kate said in a gleeful voice.  “You used to have me fill out these forms before my appointments."

Kate laughed as she read our comments on the forms.

"I still can't believe we actually did this," Kate laughed.

Kate really seemed to enjoy reading those old papers, and I leaned over so I could whisper in Kate's ear.

"If you'll recall, we are supposed to be doing it again this afternoon," I said.

Kate buried her face in her hands and began laughing.  She wasn't the least bit uncomfortable, but she was getting quite nostalgic. Going through the closet, and seeing the lab coat and forms had made her much more playful than ever.

"I can see that you're eager to go through with this,” Kate responded in a giggly voice.  “You'll have to bear with me though.  I'm a bit rusty at the procedures for playing foot doctor."

"Don't worry,” I replied.  “I'm more than happy to help you out with that."

"I'll just bet," Kate laughed.

We both laughed for a moment, and then something happened.  Kate got this strange look on her face as if an idea had just occurred to her.  Then she leaped to her feet.

"Well, if we're really going to do this, we may as well do it right," Kate declared.

Before I could even react, Kate had begun moving the furniture. When I was little, I always pushed the sofa and chairs around to create the lobby and the examining room of my podiatrist's office.  That's what Kate was attempting to do now. 

"My God... this looks just like it did all of those years ago," I said as Kate finished moving the furniture.

"I remember the layout all too well,” Kate said with a laugh.  “Well, everything is set.  Are we ready to start?"

Much to my surprise, I was hesitant to proceed.  The same way it had happened earlier, I started to experience pangs of guilt as I stood there looking at my cousin’s beautiful feet. I just froze where I stood, and Kate noticed almost immediately.

“Hey,” Kate called out.  “I’m trying to relive a piece of my childhood here.  Am I going to have to do this myself?”

I still didn’t move, and Kate walked over.  I explained to her that I was once again feeling guilty about noticing her feet.

"We talked about this earlier,” Kate said in a very sweet voice.  “I’m not bothered by this.  Now I’m looking forward to playing this game, so get into position.  I'll look very silly doing this by myself."

With that, Kate handed me the file folder, and she pushed me toward the desk. Then, Kate decided that she wanted to do this every bit as authentically as we did when we were kids.  She stood by the door, slipped into character, and pretended to walk into the lobby.

"Hello,” I said nervously. “May I help you?"

"Yes, I'm here to see the podiatrist," Kate replied with a big smile.

"That would be me,” I replied. “It's a pleasure to meet you.  Before we begin, I'll just need you to fill out some basic medical forms.  Please have a seat in our lobby and I'll get you a pen."

I handed Kate a pen and one of the blank forms I had typed so many years earlier.  She thanked me and sat down in our pretend lobby.  I was still feeling some hesitation.  No matter how hard I tried, I still kept feeling a bit ashamed for being so attracted to my cousin’s feet.   Kate gave me this really intense look, and I think she knew how I was feeling.  I didn’t have long to think about it though, as it only took Kate a few minutes to fill out the forms.

"I'm ready doctor," Kate called out.

"Very good,” I said. “Come this way please."

I took Kate's hand and walked her to our pretend office, which consisted of an old desk, office chair, and an old hospital bed that had been in that room for about two decades. I went to the desk while Kate took the office chair.  For the next few minutes, I sat reading Kate's comments on the form.

"I see you've been here before," I said.

"Oh yes, many years ago," Kate replied with a smile.

I continued reading the form and nearly had a heart attack when I read my cousin's comments.

PATIENT COMPLAINTS:  I still suffer from the ticklish feet that plagued me as a child. 

PATIENT COMMENTS:  Please stop feeling guilty! You are my favorite cousin, and I can’t stand to see you all stressed out like this.  I've always known that you liked my feet, and it doesn’t bother me at all.  If it doesn’t bother me, it should NOT bother you. Now please just relax and have fun (but be a bit merciful -- being tickled hard is really torture for me).

I looked up from the form, and my cousin didn't fail to notice the look of shock on my face. Her comments had liberated me from years of unresolved feelings about my foot fetish. I wanted to thank her, but I also didn't want to break character.

"Thank you so kindly for your thoughtful attention to these forms," I said with my voice breaking up just a bit.

Kate reached over with a reassuring hand and patted me on the shoulder.

"No problem doc," Kate smiled as she extended her legs and placed her bare feet in my lap. “Now what can you do for me?”

This truly was a Hallmark moment, and Kate and I just sat there looking at each other.  Then I cleared my thoughts and decided to continue with the game.  I was in very good spirits again, and Kate was just sitting there flexing her beautiful feet, wiggling her toes, and waiting for me to start the game.

"Well, before we do anything else, I’ll need to spend a few minutes conducting a preliminary examination of your feet,” I said, doing my best to sound like a doctor.

For the next few minutes, I deeply massaged my cousin’s arches, and gently massaged her toes.  She sat back in her chair and took several long, deep, breaths.  I was lost in Kate’s feet, but she snapped me back to reality by tapping me on the shoulder.

“That feels really good,” Kate said with a sigh.  “Um… this isn’t part of the game.  I’m being serious.  That feels REALLY good.  If you’re up to it, I’d love it if you would give me a nice long foot massage when we get upstairs.”

Without hesitation, I enthusiastically agreed.

"Thanks,” Kate whispered in a silly voice.  “Okay, you’re a foot doctor again.”

I continued rubbing Kate’s feet for a few minutes longer before continuing the game.

“It’s been a long time since you’ve been here,” I said while pretending to sound authoritative.  “I should really get some current tracings of your feet before we proceed further.”

Kate was going along with this completely.  She truly did seem to be reliving a piece of her childhood by playing this game, and it was obvious that she was having fun.  Frankly, so was I.

I reached into the folder and produced one of the old forms I used to trace Kate’s feet on. 

Then, I knelt in front of Kate while she held onto my shoulder to maintain her balance.  Very gently, I took her beautiful left foot in my hand and placed it in the middle of the paper.

Now that Kate’s foot was in position, I grabbed my pen and began to trace the outline of her foot.  As my pen made its path around Kate’s foot, the tendons in her foot were flexing gently.  I didn’t look up, but I could hear Kate starting to giggle.  I acted like I hadn’t noticed, and I just kept tracing. 

When I reached Kate’s arch, she started giggling much harder, and she scrunched her toes.  That’s when I decided to look up, and I must confess that I enjoyed what I saw.  Kate’s lips were quivering, she could no longer hide the giggles, and she couldn’t have wiped the smile from her face if her life depended on it.

"He-he-he-he-he-he... it tickles when you touch that spot," she said.

I gave Kate a reassuring pat on the back and began to trace her other foot.  As I repeated the tracing procedure, Kate once again broke down and giggled freely.

“Okay,” I said. “Now that I’ve got these charts, we can move on to the next phase of the examination.”

I took Kate by the arm and walked her over to the hospital bed.

“I need you to lay face down on the bed with your feet just slightly over the end,” I said.

Kate paused and looked at me for a moment because this is was one of my favorite positions from which to tickle her.  However, without any further encouragement, she smiled and climbed onto the bed with her feet hanging over the edge just slightly.  I moved my chair toward the end of the bed so I was sitting with Kate’s feet, bare soles facing up, just a few inches away from me.

“On your forms, you said that you are having problems with ticklishness,” I said.  “Is that correct?”

Kate responded with some nervousness evident in her voice. I think she was concerned that I would go tickle crazy on her again.

“Yes doctor,” Kate replied with her voice trailing off.  “What are you going to do now?”

“Please don’t worry,” I said in a soothing voice. “I’m not planning to tickle torture you.”

“Thank you doctor,” Kate sighed.

“However, this next technique is quite thorough, and it does involve tickling,” I said. 

I could see Kate getting just a little nervous.  Her toes were now clenched, and she was grabbing onto the sides of the bed tightly. Kate was undoubtedly remembering the torturous tickling I used to inflict on her in this position. What she didn’t know is that I was about to apply a much gentler technique that I had never used on her before.

“Okay dear,” I said in a gentle voice.  “I need you to relax and respond as freely as possible.  Just let me know where this tickles.”

“Okay,” Kate replied in a nervous tone.

I lubricated Kate’s feet with baby oil again.  Then, I held onto her toes to immobilize her foot during the tickling.

I began at the center of her left heel.  Using the edge of my fingernail, I made a series of light circles. I made each circle just a bit bigger than the one before it. Gradually, I made my way closer to the edge of Kate’s heel.  Kate had never been ticklish on her heels, so this wasn’t difficult for her to handle.

When my finger neared the outside edge of Kate’s heel, that’s when the giggles started.  Kate managed to hold on until my fingernail traced the outside edge of her heel. Then she couldn’t maintain her composure any longer.

"Doctor…hee-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee... that tickles!" Kate giggled.

I quickly made a note on the chart, and I repeated the entire process on Kate’s heel. This time, when I reached the outer edge of the heel, I didn’t stop. I dragged my fingernail all the way up Kate’s arch to the balls of her feet, and back down toward the heel again. Kate was really starting to squirm, but I managed to keep my grip on her toes.

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... that really tickles", Kate squealed as I continued tickling her.

This was like a dream come true.  My cousin was lying there were her beautiful soles in my face allowing me to tickle her foot. I continued to focus on Kate’s arch as she squirmed and laughed.   I eased off a bit so she wouldn’t become tense and uncomfortable.

"Doctor…HAHAHAHAHAHA ...that ti-hi-hi-hi-hi-hickles really bad," Kate laughed.

"I’ll try to keep this as gentle as possible,” I said in a reassuring voice.  “I may dig into a spot here or there to examine it, but overall it should be gentle.”

Kate seemed to realize that I was genuinely trying to keep the tickling at a level where she could handle it.  After my last statement, her whole body seemed to relax.  I continued with the gentle tickling for a while longer.  When I thought Kate could handle it, I went back to hit the most sensitive part of her arch.

"Try to stay calm," I said. "This part is going to tickle a bit more, but it will be short… probably no more than ten seconds."

Kate acknowledged through her giggles, and she once again grabbed the sides of the bed. As I applied my fingernail to Kate’s arch, she began laughing hysterically.  However, she didn’t seem to be as panicked as she was when I tickled her earlier.


"Just a little more", I said. “Kitchy kitchy coo!”

I stopped a few seconds later, and I was pleased to find Kate in an extremely playful mood.  She wasn’t at all upset about the tickling, and she made no efforts to pull her feet away as I updated the marks on her chart.

"You sure do know how to tickle my feet," Kate said with a smile.

Since Kate was okay, I decided to proceed, but with a gentle touch.  I didn’t want Kate feeling tortured, especially after I had promised to respect her wishes and be gentle. I resumed stroking the sole of Kate’s left foot until she was giggling and squirming non-stop. From there, I tickled the balls of her feet as well as her toes.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Kate laughed.  “HEHEHE… watch the toes…. HA HAHAHA!!!" Kate shrieked.

 “Almost done,” I said.

 Things were going really well, and I didn’t want to screw it up by tickle torturing Kate.  I tickled for a few seconds longer, and then stopped.  Kate continued giggling for about another minute, and then she just seemed to settle down.

After I was certain that Kate could handle it, I performed the entire procedure on her other foot, making sure not to go into tickle torture mode.  That proved to be a good decision because Kate was able to get comfortable with the tickling and respond unashamedly.  She wiggled, giggled, squealed, and laughed as I tickled her foot from heel to toes.

When I stopped tickling, I decided to let Kate have some time to catch her breath and relax.  I used that time to fill in the ticklish spots on her chats.  By the time I had finished, Kate was sitting up and eager to proceed with the game.

“Doctor, what did you learn from that?” Kate asked with a big grin on her face.

I held up Kate’s charts so she could see all of the notations I made.

“You have what I call hot spots,” I said.  “These are areas where there are large clusters of nerve endings, thus creating ticklish spots.  Allow me to demonstrate.”

Before Kate could say anything, I grabbed her feet and began tickling spots that had been marked on the chart.  Immediately, Kate let out a desperate shriek and threw herself back on the bed giggling hysterically.


Over Kate’s laughter, I pretended to give my diagnosis.

“As you can see, these hot spots are the source of your trouble,” I explained.  “As long as these areas remain so sensitive, you will always be vulnerable to this sort of stimulation.”

I continued tickling for about another 20 seconds, and Kate continued flopping wildly all over the bed and laughing hysterically.


I could see that I was at the point where I really needed to stop.  This was about as much tickling as Kate could realistically endure.  Thankfully, once Kate caught her breath, she wasn’t at all angry.  Instead, she went right back into character.

“Okay,” Kate said with a big, giggly expression.  “What should I do about this problem?”

“Well, I’d like to refer you to another specialist for foot massage therapy,” I said while trying to remain in character.  “He works in an office upstairs, and he’s quite good.”

“That sounds great,” Kate smiled.  “I love foot massages.”

It seemed that our appointment was pretty much over, so I began walking Kate toward the lobby.  That’s when she stopped me.

“Doctor, I have another problem,” Kate said in the most serious voice she could muster.  “My shoes and socks were stolen earlier today.  I’d really like to get them back.   Can you help me with that?”

I just looked at Kate and we smiled at each other.  Very carefully, I lifted the loose ceiling tile and withdrew Kate’s shoes and socks.  Then, Kate playfully slugged me in the shoulder and gave me a hug.  Much to my surprise, she made no attempt to put on her shoes or socks.

While Kate stood there looking at me, I turned around and removed the lab coat.  The next thing I knew, I felt the impact of Kate jumping on my back.

“You heard the doctor,” Kate laughed. “You have to carry me upstairs past those awful spiders and massage my feet for as long as I say. I’ve always loved foot massages.”

The prospect of being ordered to carry Kate upstairs and massage her beautiful feet for a few hours sounded pretty wonderful to me.  I immediately bolted for the door with Kate and rushed her upstairs.  We had just reached the top of the stairs, and the phone rang.  I set Kate down and rushed to grab it.

When I got to the phone, it was our parents.  Their car had broken down, and they were calling from a garage.  They wanted to make sure we were okay and let us know they wouldn’t be home for another five hours.  Kate and I both took turns speaking to them before hanging up.

After the phone conversation, I looked at Kate and smiled. Apparently I must have had a devilish look on my face because Kate started giggling and backing away from me.

“Didn’t you ask me for a foot massage?” I asked Kate.

“Yes,” Kate replied enthusiastically.  “I wasn’t kidding.  I LOVE foot massages... and you’re not getting out of it. Considering the fact that I was such a good sport about letting you tickle my feet, I think you should have to massage my feet until our parents get home.”

“I’m all too happy to oblige, but the fact that we have the house to ourselves for five more hours offers additional possibilities,” I said in a silly voice.

“What are you talking about?” Kate asked in a curious tone.

“Come with me,” I said.

I took Kate’s hand and the two of us scurried down the main hallway the same way we did as children, giggling the entire time.  I had decided that I didn’t want to give Kate an ordinary foot massage, and I was looking for some specific supplies that had been in grandmother’s closet for years.  I was hoping they were still there.

When we reached the closet, I made Kate wait in the hallway while I stepped inside and started rummaging.  She was giggling and asking me what I was up to, but I told her she’d have to be patient. After a few seconds of rummaging, I found the items I was looking for.

Years ago, my grandmother had purchased three Luxo-baths (electric footbaths with five Jacuzzi jets in the side).  For whatever reason, she had never opened any of them.  I snatched one from the shelf and threw it into a large, empty box.  Then, I continued rummaging.

On the next shelf, there were dozens of bottles (soaps, lotions, shampoos, and more).  After reading several labels, I found an expensive container of lathering foot soap, as well as three bottles of foot massage lotions.  I gleefully threw all of these items into the box, along with several large bath towels.  Before I stepped out of the closet, I closed the box so Kate wouldn’t see what I had found.

“What did you find in there?” Kate demanded as I stepped into the hallway.

“Give me a minute and I’ll show you,” I said.  “It’s a surprise.”

The curiosity was driving Kate crazy, but she didn’t give me too much trouble.  She even cooperated when I told her to sit in the living room until I came for her.

I dashed out to the kitchen with my box of supplies.  Then, I spread a large bath towel out on the floor, placed a chair on it, and set up the footbath.  Once the Jacuzzi jets were going, I added the lathering foot soap.  I placed a small stool in front of the footbath, and set the foot lotions next to it.  After everything was in place, I ran back to the living room to get Kate.

“What were you doing out there?” Kate asked playfully.

“Come take a look,” I said.

Kate followed me to the kitchen, eager to see what I was up to.  When she saw what I had set up, her eyes got big and she started laughing.

“My God, this looks like a spa,” Kate laughed.

“That’s the idea,” I said with a smile. “We’ve got the place to ourselves for a while, and since you’re already asking me for a foot massage, there’s no reason not to play spa while we’re at it.”

“This will be so much fun,” Kate said.  “What do I do first?”

I escorted Kate over to the footbath and asked her to sit down.  Then, I gently took each of her feet in my hand, and lowered them into the water one at a time.  This was a completely unnecessary step but it was fun for me, and Kate loved it.

I let Kate soak her feet for a few minutes while I placed a large towel over my lap.  Then, I lifted Kate’s feet out of the footbath one at a time and massaged them into a rich lather with the foot soap.

“This feels so good,” Kate laughed.  “Take your time.”

I continued lathering Kate’s feet for another five minutes, and then I lowered them back into the footbath so I could prepare the next step.  As I was leaving the kitchen, Kate stopped me.

“What are you doing?” Kate asked.

“I’ll be back,” I said.  I need more supplies.

As she had done when we were playing foot doctor, Kate buried her face in her hands and laughed.  She laughed even harder when I returned to the kitchen carrying the air mattress from the guest bedroom.  I tossed it down on the table and Kate just laughed at what I was doing.

“Are you insane?” Kate giggled.  “What are you doing with that?”

“I’ll show you,” I responded in the silliest voice I could manage.

Before Kate could make any more comments, I picked her up and carried her to the kitchen counter, and set her down with her feet in the sink.  Of course, she giggled all the way.  I rinsed her feet off in the sink (by this point they were covered in lather the consistency of shaving cream).  When I was finished with the rinse cycle, I carried Kate to the table, still giggling, and set her down on the mattress with her feet dangling just over the edge.

“What are you doing? Kate asked in a very amused tone.

“I thought you wanted a foot massage,” I responded innocently.

“I do,” Kate answered. “In fact, I’ll kill you if you try to back out of this. I love foot massages.”

“Well, since we’ve got the house to ourselves I thought it would be fun to play spa,” I replied in a giggly voice.  “This somehow feels like the type of scenario we would have played out as kids.”

“I don’t recall playing this game during our childhood, but I’m all for it,” Kate laughed.

I walked over and looked Kate in the face. I showed her the bottles of foot massage lotions and asked her to pick one.  She handed me a classic peppermint lotion, and I began the massage.

For about thirty minutes, I applied deep, soothing massage techniques to Kate’s arches, similar to the techniques I had used in the basement.  Kate repeatedly told me that it felt wonderful and urged me to keep going.

“Nobody ever gives me foot massages,” Kate sighed.  “This is great.”

Over the next several minutes, Kate started getting a bit chatty, and she wanted to learn all about foot fetishes.  She said that she wanted to know what to expect if she ever met a guy with a foot fetish.  I did my best to explain what made her feet so pretty, and I also explained the basic mechanics of the fetish (in my case, my passions have always been foot-tickling and foot massage).  Kate gave me her undivided attention, and she never made fun of me, but she couldn’t stop laughing about all of this.

As we talked, I continued massaging Kate’s arches.  Even though she was enjoying herself, I felt it was time to move on to her ankles and toes.  Kate liked this too, but she really wanted me to work on her arches again.  When I didn’t comply as quickly as she would have liked, Kate started negotiating with me, a process that was quite comical.

“I’ll let you play another game of “This little piggy went to market” on each of my feet AND make you a home-made pizza if you massage my arches for half an hour,” Kate said through a stream of playful giggles.

I didn’t hesitate to accept Kate’s offer.  I resumed massaging Kate’s arches for over an hour (it was more than she asked for, but I was having fun and I didn’t hear her complaining).  I’m pretty sure that Kate fell asleep twice during the process.

While Kate relaxed, I just sat there enjoying the warmth of her beautiful feet in my hands.  I studied every line and wrinkle on each sole, and savored this rare opportunity to have such beautiful feet completely at my disposal.  Suddenly, Kate startled me by sitting up unexpectedly with a troubled look on her face.

“Holy crap,” Kate laughed. “The basement is torn apart, there’s foot massage stuff all over the kitchen, and there’s a mattress on the kitchen table.  We need to fix this before our parents get home… unless you want them to know what we’ve been doing here.”

We both started laughing and began a mad scramble to tidy up the kitchen.  Then, I dashed to the basement to put everything away down there.  In about twenty minutes, we had everything put back the way it was.  There was still plenty of time before our parents were due back, so we went to the living room.

While we still had the house to ourselves, I decided to collect on Kate’s offer.  For almost fifteen minutes, the house filled with Kate’s laughter again as I played out an extended version of the piggies saga on each of her feet.  When I was finished, Kate gleefully jumped to her feet, dashed to the kitchen, and made us a pizza.

During the remaining hour and a half that it took for our parents to get home, I alternated between massaging Kate’s feet and eating pizza.  We also talked a lot.  Kate was still concerned that I might be feeling guilty, and she wanted to make sure those feelings were put to rest.

When our parents finally arrived, the house still had the subtle aroma of peppermint. They found the two of us, sitting side by side, watching television, and finishing the last of the pizza.  It took only two minutes before they asked us what we had done wile they were gone. I nervously looked at Kate, and she looked back at me.

“Oh, we just hung around the house and played some old games,” Kate said with as she looked back at me with a big smile.